Europe is one of the popular counties among Indian students. The world class education system helps the students to build their professional career here. So, if you are thinking of a good career, then it is the best place for you. There are many renowned professors, lecturers to guide you for your career. The expert guidance helps you to manage the upcoming challenges in your professional life. Here, you will be given the best, healthy environment to study.

Why Study in Europe?

The most amazing fact is that you do not spend much to study here. The tuition cost is lower here. The fantastic atmosphere of this country never makes you feel bore. So, if you compare the exposure, then his is the best choice for you. Here, the students are given a chance for global exposure. Many universities in Europe have international collaboration to maintain the education standard.

Explore Europe as a Study Destination

Courses Offered by European Universities

The universities of Europe provide various types of courses to the students. Here you can get chance to study many subjects such as MBBS, Law, BBA, Nursing, Dentistry and many more. If you want to know about the courses offered by the European university you have to check below. The classes are:

  • MBBS course for six years
  • Md course of 6 years
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Civil study
  • Architecture
  • Computer science
  • Environmental study
  • Courses of chemical research and so on.

The study duration is different for the different courses

  • The study duration for the MBBS courses is six years here
  • The same time will be taken for completing MD courses also.
  • If you want to study pharmacy here, then the study duration will be four years
  • In addition to this, it will take four years to study Business administration
  • In the case of International Business law, you have to study for two years in this country.
  • In the case of medical courses, five years will be taken for theory classes
  • Another one year will be given to the students for doing the internship

The universities of Europe have set the eligibility criteria. The candidates must meet up with the eligibility criteria adequately for getting admission here.

  • The age of the desired candidates need to be a minimum of 17 years
  • If you want to study in this country, then your period should do not exceed 25 years
  • The candidates need to score minimum of 50 % marks in the 12th examination
  • You have to clear the 10+2 examination
  • The candidates who belong from the SC/ST/OBC category must have scored at least 45 % of marks
  • If you want to study in this country, then you have to carry Europe student visa
  • Few colleges of Europe may ask the students for the entrance exam for studying preferred subjects.
  • Some universities in Europe may ask the students for giving the language test
  • Though there are some other universities that do not ask for a language tests, an entrance examination.
  • You have to give NEET exam if you want to do MBBS from Europe
  • The European university offers various types of scholarship to the students
  • The award will be given to the students based on their academic performance
  • The students are given financial back up as a scholarship that covers tuition fee and living cost.
  • As per the records there are more than 100,000 of scholarships schemes are available for the students
  • There are some economical schemes for the students that help them to cover the tuition fee completely.

The universities of Europe offer the students various types of post graduation options

  • If you are medical aspirants you can easily get direct admission for the MD courses
  • In case of law, there is option for matters in business law for the students
  • The engineering students will be given the chance for
  • In this country you will be given ample opportunities for doing higher studies.

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