UK Visitor Visa

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United kingdom is very famous and visited by many all year round for various purposes like study, work, immigration, etc. While some are long term visas others are short term visas. In order to visit UK from India for a very short period of time like visiting a friend or to attend a conference, then you would apply for a visitors visa or a tourist visa. The main purpose for issuing this kind of visa is for holidaying in the UK with friends, family or alone. Each person would need to apply for the UK visitor visa if going together in a group. The EU (European Union) Member State Citizens do not need the visitors visa for this purpose.

Requirements for UK Visitor Visa

The UK visitor visa does not allow the visa holder to work in the United Kingdom or any of proved regions while on the visitor visa or indulge in any activity where they earn money. Reasons to visit the UK may be for several reasons such as treating a medical condition or watching a concert, etc.He / She also has to show sufficient financial resources to support all their living expenses like food, accommodation and traveling expenses during their stay overseas.There are also vital documents that you would need to prove before or while applying such a visa.

There is an official government website where you can go for the UK Visa. However, you will have to pay a personal visit to the visa center with all necessary proofs and documents as per the checklist. After the visit it may even take a period of 3 months depending on the reason to visit the United Kingdom. As there is no guarantee that it will be approved by waiting it is suggested not to make any kinds of arrangements till the issue of the UK Visitor visa.